Shari's Vision for Shoreline

Community. Sustainable. Affordable.

Shoreline is an amazing city. That is why I ran for this position four years ago, but being in office has allowed me to learn about the behind the scenes work that made Shoreline an award winning city — designated Best Place to Live in 2005, 2008 and 2010.

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My dreams include creating more community gathering places, outside spaces and businesses that are family friendly, and becoming a more affordable city. In the past four years, our Council has made changes to the City’s zoning codes and comprehensive plans to help bring more businesses to Shoreline, in a more concentrated area. 

Did you know Shoreline has a Town Center? 

We have designated the middle mile of the three-mile Aurora corridor as the Town Center (PDF of 1.6 mb). This area is focused around the crossroads of three of the City’s most heavily traveled roads, North 175 Street, North 185 Street, and Aurora Avenue North/SR 99. This area serves as the civic and symbolic center of the community.

By creating and adopting planning policies that encourage a sustainable, pedestrian friendly area, we are working on improving the walkability and livability of Shoreline. Zoning changes have been implemented to allow mixed-use development, combining the best of both worlds — businesses and residences — in a transit-friendly environment. In 2013, Metro is bringing RapidRide to Shoreline. This new bus service will begin at the Aurora Village Transit Center and continue down Aurora Avenue providing a bus every 10 minutes, swiftly and easily.

The Council has also adopted "sub-area plans" for other neighborhoods that will create neighborhood centers. We have planted the seeds that will sprout better infrastructure, community gathering places and affordable housing. I want to continue on Council so I can make sure those things happen – that we stay focused and on track.

Do you know about our green-built City Hall?

One important part of being a Best Place to Live is taking care of our environment. We are frontrunners in this area. Shoreline has an award-winning sustainability strategy (PDF of 5.5 mb) that many other cities in our regions try to duplicate. Our City Hall is a model green building that has been Gold Certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system. Not only does it exemplify the City’s commitment to create a healthy natural environment and a sustainable community for Shoreline residents and businesses, but it models energy-efficient solar and thermal panels, a green roof, electric car charging stations, native plant landscaping, maximized natural lighting, furniture made from recycled products, and green cleaning products, among others.

What do you need in your city?

Much of my life was spent raising my son as a single, working mom. I understand that many families have financial challenges yet want, and deserve, to live in a community that has great schools, parks and a sense of community. As a member of your City Council, I am working hard to sustain our high level of community services – such as providing police protection and maintaining our great park system, while still keeping the living affordable. 

As we create our town center, and neighborhood centers, I want to give people the ability to walk, bike, skate or use transit to get to the places they enjoy, and businesses they need.

What kind of businesses would you like to see?

Keeping the city affordable is just one of the reasons that attracting new businesses to Shoreline is so important. When dollars are spent in Shoreline, a small portion of the tax paid comes to the City, and that money funds our much needed and important services. Promoting economic development has been a key Council goal since I have been elected. The redevelopment of Aurora Avenue — providing frontage improvements, underground utilities and increased safety — has already brought new and remodeled businesses to Shoreline.

Since the project began, the  City has experienced an estimated $200 million in public and private reinvestment.  Even better, this $120 million project is being completed without debt and only with approximately 12% local funding.  I will continue to work hard to bring new businesses to Shoreline and to help find outside funds to help with improvements.

The other piece of affordability is conservatively managing our money. Every year the Council develops a budget that will balance paying for important services with capturing efficiencies in the operation of the City, so that we can get more for our money. Our City staff works hard to consolidate tasks to be more efficient, and continually recommends money-saving ideas. It takes all of us working together to achieve these important goals.

Re-elect Shari Winstead for Shoreline’s future

I am running for re-election to continue to work for you in creating a community that is sustainable and affordable, and I’m asking for your support. Please join me in building Shoreline’s present and future.

Share your vision and dreams for Shoreline. I’d love to hear from you.

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