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How will You Help Re-Elect Shari?

A political campaign—even at the level of city council—depends upon dozens of volunteers who dedicate a few hours, hundreds of contributors who chip in to help fund the effort, and more folks who help spread the word. Shari has been standing up for our interests as a Shoreline City Councilperson. Now, we can stand up and support her.


Which volunteer roles might work for you? Please check everything that you would consider—this does not obligate you, it just tells us whom to contact for possible volunteers when the time comes.

Prepare mailings
Host a neighborhood "Meet & Greet"
Introduce Shari to my organization
Distribute yard signs

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You may contribute online through PayPal. Or, mail a check to

Shari Winstead, Councilmember
Shoreline City Council
19514 Burke Ave N
Shoreline, WA 98133

For generous contributions totaling $100 or more from an individual, we are required to record the following information.
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