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As most of you know I am passionate about living well, and access to healthcare is a critical part of healthy living. So, I was honored to attend the ribbon cutting for the new facility for HealthPoint Community Health Center.

HealthPoint Community Health Center
Serving Shoreline Residents

On Friday, January 11, 2013 I attended the HealthPoint Community Health Center grand opening. 

Although this health clinic is in Bothell, it is the only public health clinic serving North King County outside Seattle, and so it serves Shoreline residents, as well.  Rob Beem, City staff, was kind enough to provide me with a few stats.  In 2011 they served 816 Shoreline patients, and through the 3rd quarter of 2012, they had served 671 patients. 



Another noteworthy, interesting piece of information is the numbers of uninsured in Shoreline. The US Census/American Community Survey estimates that 13% or 6550 Shoreline residents are uninsured.  Clinics like HealthPoint are the only practical resource for these folks.

Shoreline does help fund this community clinic with just under $5,000 per year of General Fund monies.
I also want to share a couple of interesting facts about the clinic, so I appreciate a few minutes of everyone's time for some very worthwhile information.

This clinic is the first recipient of a Federal Affordable Care Act Grant; the Clinic will serve about 12,000 people.  Many of the people served do not speak English as their first language, so they have a very innovative set up where they actually Skype with an interpreter.  Because of privacy concerns, the screen can be closed so that the patient is not actually seen.

There is a dental clinic with 8 chairs and a medical clinic with 16 patient rooms.  The medical and dental records are integrated so your dentist can pull up your chart and see what your medical doctor may be treating you for, and if you are currently taking any medication.  In that aspect, the clinic really offers complete care.

I found the dental aspect of this clinic to be very interesting.   When I worked for CM Ferguson, I heard from many constituents about the need for dental care.  My own father, who passed away in 2011 suffered with extreme problems because of lack of dental care, and he never had dental insurance.  I personally did not realize what a luxury dental insurance is.  Over 75% of the population does not have dental insurance.  In fact, even Medicare does not cover dental care, unless it is an emergency extraction.

Email Shari buttonSo, you can probably tell, I was very impressed by the HealthCare Community Center.  As most of you know I am passionate about living well, and access to healthcare is a critical part of health living.  I was honored to attend this ribbon cutting.  Happy to answer any questions about this clinic.  Thank you.