Off-Leash Dog Parks and ShoreDog

From Dog Parks to City Council

Did you know that my journey to City Council started because of the lack of off leash dog parks?  Actually, it was a mix of kids and dogs.  As a boardmember of Richmond Little League, I often worked with the Shoreline Parks Department.  Through those relationships I was asked to serve on a Parks Bond Advisory Committee.

About that time (2004), my son was winding down his little league career, and I had become increasingly aware of the fact that I was driving to Seattle more and more to use their dog parks, with my Corgi-German Shepherd, Stewart.

As the advisory committee began creating a list of needed park projects in Shoreline, I advocated for an off leash area.  This project made it through discussion and on the list!

Co-chair of the 2006 Parks Bond Campaign

I then co-chaired the Parks Bond campaign in 2006, which the Shoreline voters passed with an over 70% approval rating!  About this time, an organization called ShoreDog was formed, to be the stewardship group for Shoreline's dog parks.  I am proud to say I was a founding member of ShoreDog, now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

When I was elected to Council I resigned from the ShoreDog Board, but am still active in the organization, and a dog park user.

Fircrest Dog Park

The City is now hoping to bring an east Shoreline dog park online by the summer of 2013 at the Fircrest site.  If you see me and Stewart at the park, please say Hi!